Freezing temperatures produce visual beauty

Cold show on the lake

Tracey Prediger

“This is the first time seeing anything like this on the lake,” said Doug Obst, who has been living at McKinley Landing for over 3 years.

“I could see this funnel cloud thing as I was looking down to the lake."

Obst shared his video with Castanet and said “it looked like there was a lot of what might be steam coming from the water maybe because it’s so cold outside.”

Environment Canada Meteorologist Doug Lundquist confirmed in a previous interview that’s exactly what we are seeing, “They're pretty common in the Okanagan,” especially when temperatures plummet.

“They tend to happen only over the lake when it's really cold and the lake is still quite warm.”

While people have different names for them, like “ghost dancers” or “steam devils” Lundquist calls them waterspouts.

As the deep freeze is expected to last at least until at least Friday morning, we may be treated to even more spectacular ice features like "ice volcanoes." These can appear along the lakeshore, when wind pushes up on the ice and the waves break underneath the icy structures creating an “effective blowhole”.

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