Police disperse protest against drag show at DunnEnzies in Kelowna

Protest over drag show

The owner of DunnEnzies Pizza in Kelowna's Mission district says love has won out over hate.

Karyn Mackenzie told Castanet that the restaurant started receiving hate-filled and threatening messages a couple of days ago. It began after a post on the Kelowna Freedom Rally Facebook Page took aim at a drag show that was part of a holiday food and toy drive at DunnEnzies on Wednesday night.

“We started getting messages early yesterday (Tuesday) and then they amped up into like actually threats,” said Mackenzie. “So we opened a police file. The police will investigate that part of things.”

She shared some of the emails they received on social media, including one calling them a ‘sick bunch of pedophiles’ and suggesting ‘you should all hang at the gallows’.

Mackenzie says a group of protesters did show up during the drag show.

“They came down here and were met with such love tonight that they kind of scampered out of here.

“There were a few altercations. One of the persons that were protesting actually assaulted one of our guests tonight. The police came and they kind of dispersed pretty quickly after that,” she adds that the RCMP officers who responded were very supportive.

Mackenzie says Cruisin Christmas toy and food drive benefiting the Kelowna Salvation Army was a great success.

“A boatload of toys. Thousands of dollars raised for the community. It’s kind of a win-win for us. Love trumps hate and it shows.”

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