Nurse suspended for illegally accessing personal health records

Kelowna nurse suspended

A Kelowna nurse has lost his ability to work for three weeks after it was found he had unlawfully accessed private health care records.

This is the third nurse to be suspended in Kelowna for accessing private health care information this year.

According to the BC College of Nurses and Midwives, Antonius (Ton) Gremmen agreed to the suspension through a consent agreement.

"In March 2022, Mr. Gremmen violated a patient's expectation of privacy when he accessed the patient's personal health record without clinical justification," the BCCNM said in a brief statement.

"Mr. Gremmen then provided details of the patient's treatment to a third party when he was expressly prohibited from doing so."

As part of the consent agreement, Gremmen has agreed to a three week suspension of his nursing registration and will complete a remedial education in responsible nursing.

Back in July, Sondra Bader was suspended eight days for accessing medical records of a person for whom they had no work-related purpose.

In March, Megan Angel Munoz was given a three week suspension when she accessed the personal health records of two individuals with whom she had no therapeutic relationship without their knowledge or consent, for the sole purpose of obtaining their health information to inform an employment decision regarding hiring one of the individuals as a nanny.

There was no specific reason given as to why Gremmen accessed the patient records he did.

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