Winter wonderland at Spring Valley Middle School gives back

Holiday magic at school

Spring Valley Middle School has created a "winter wonderland" display to raise money for the Central Okanagan Food Bank this season, a project that took about 50 students nearly 30 days to complete.

“Everything was looking amazing and everyone put so much effort into fluffing the trees. We put lots of effort into this, it wasn’t just a quick put together, which is really awesome. I really enjoyed helping and the product that came along was really awesome,” said grade 8 student Isabelle Klassen.

“I really like making the nutcrackers that are on every pillar because I got to spend a lot of time gluing on buttons and painting the nutcrackers and it was a lot of fun because I got to bond with some people,” added classmate Ashlyn Wasyliuk.

The project leaders say the display has allowed them to do something good for Kelowna while also inspiring younger students to be good leaders.

“Honestly, it’s been amazing,” said leader Mckenna Wiggin.

“It’s good to come together as a community and it’s been a great experience because the Grade 6 students have never seen a school community like this with all the decorations, and they get to enjoy it.”

The display will act as an attraction for the school’s weekly fundraiser, something the students came up with. It is not open to the public.

“We’re doing it to raise money for people who don’t have as great of a life as us or who are not as fortunate to have the amazing things that we do. As a community, we’ve been selling hot chocolate every week on Thursdays and we’ll probably do that until Christmas break,” continued Wiggin.

The school has already raised $1,000 for the Central Okanagan Food Bank, and they’re hoping to raise even more money through their Winter Wonderland hot chocolate drive.

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