Donated tow truck will make keeping Okanagan forests clean much easier

Tow truck a 'game changer'

This is typically the offseason for Kane Blake, founder of the Okanagan Task Force. But this winter he's busy fixing up the latest addition to the OFTF vehicle fleet.

"One of our members has decided to give us his 2002 f450 tow truck. After seeing all the work we do and attending clean ups, he felt we would be able to put it to good use," Blake says.

Blake tells Castanet he's lost count of how many vehicles he and his team and volunteers have hauled out of the backcountry this year alone.

"We pulled out... I don't even know, I lost track. This will make it so much easier even for cleanups when you're pulling heavy refrigerators out of these steep ditches."

Blake says the truck needs some transmission work and other minor repairs but he says the addition is a huge "leap forward."

Blake says he will repair what he can himself and he is making plans to hold a fundraiser in an effort to raise the money necessary to get the truck road worthy.

"It has issues, right now it only has reverse. So it needs some transmission work. But you know, at the end of the day, the hydraulics and everything else on the truck works."

Blake hopes to have the tow truck up and running for the spring.

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