Kelowna group assisting students in need are looking for your help

Proud for Prom seeks help

A Kelowna charitable organization helping teens realize the dream of attending their high school prom is looking for help from the community.

Brenda Loveridge is one of the founders of Proud for Prom, an organization which has helped several hundred graduating teens over the last five years who, without their assistance, would not be able to attend their prom due to financial constraints at home.

Loveridge says while their are many great organizations helping families, young kids and seniors, teens are a group that seem to get missed.

"We helped 75 kids just last year," said Loveridge.

"The need has been growing every year."

In some households, she says, where finding the money for the essentials can be a challenge, extra money for something like attending a high school prom is out of the question.

Over the past five years, Proud for Prom have received donations of dresses, suits, accessories and cash to help get those in need to prom.

"But, we do have some shortfalls," she says, "particularly in relation to young men's suits."

They are also in need of cash donations.

"The school district has set us up with a donor page, so through our Proud for Prom website, you can link to the donor page in the school district, donate cash and get a tax receipt," said Loveridge.

"We are trying to encourage people to consider that if they are interested in supporting youth in need.

"We need a small amount of cash each year to fill the holes in our inventory. We have kids that are hard to fit and you have to buy a new suit. Getting some cash donations would be huge."

Loveridge says people with donations of clothing can contact them through their Proud for Prom website.

She adds that clothing should be appropriate for 17 and 18 year old boys and girls.

The organization is also looking for someone who can volunteer a few hours to manage their social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and their website.

"Helping us to encourage donations and getting the word out to the community on a regular basis.

"We don't have anybody with that skill set."

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