World Cup fever takes over Kelowna brewery Wednesday morning

Packed house for Canada

It was a packed house at Kelowna's Welton Arms Brewery Wednesday morning, as fans came out to cheer on Canada in their first men's World Cup game in 36 years

The Welton Arms, on Clement Avenue, is opening their doors early for Canada and England World Cup games, and the community has responded big time.

“It's been great, the phone hasn't stopped ringing the last couple days and we're filled up,” said owner Simon Welton.

“We're already full for England – USA on Friday and we're already filling up for Canada – Croatia at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning.”

While the Welton Arms was completely booked in advance for Wednesday morning's game, the result wasn't what the Canadian fans had been hoping for.

After constant pressure from the Canadians through the first half, and even a saved penalty kick, Belgium went up 1-0 late in the first half and held on to the lead through the second. While the result wasn't ideal, it was a good showing by the Canadians against the number two ranked team in the world.

“This is the pinnacle of football,” said Welton. “It's only every four years so it's such a rarity to get to enjoy this.

“It's a Wednesday, most people are working, and we're still a packed house. That's really cool to see.”

Those interested in catching Canada's next game at the Welton Arms Sunday morning can reach out to Simon by email.

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