Development proposal seeks to add two commercial buildings to Train Station heritage site

Train station expanding

Owners of the Train Station heritage site in Kelowna's north end are hoping to expand its commercial footprint.

They are seeking both a Heritage Revitalization Agreement and development permit to add two buildings to the site as well as an expansion of the existing liquor store building.

The site at 520 Clement Avenue, housed the original train station which welcomed newcomers to Kelowna back in 1926.

It was transformed into a pub in 2010 under an original Heritage Revitalization Agreement.

The new proposal before planning staff includes expansion of the current liquor store building, as well as the addition of a one-storey commercial building and a five-storey mixed-use retail and commercial building situated between the pub and the Sunplex.

"The immediate neighbourhood is changing rapidly with the construction of many high-rise residential development with great density," the application before staff states.

"The proposed site design supports pedestrian connectivity between buildings, the railway garden, and the ginkgo tree courtyard as well as to the surrounding streets.

"The architectural design of the new buildings has been carefully considered to create a respectful and harmonious relationship with the historic train station building."

The developer adds the commercial uses will build upon the presence of retail across the street at One Water Street.

"The buildings have been designed to be compatible with, subordinate to and distinguishable from the historic train station building and they take their cues from the historic place and the industrial character of the area."

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