Pair of work friends win lottery in Kelowna

Work friends win $500,000

A life-changing lottery ticket was purchased in downtown Kelowna.

BCLC says it was more than caffeine that caused two co-workers to perk up after a decision to purchase a Lotto Max ticket together during a coffee run netted the pair $500,000.

The jackpot will be shared by Matthew Saari and Glenn Lamb, and is a part of the Maxmillions prize, which will also be split with another winner from Ontario from the October 7, Lotto Max draw.

"This will open a few more doors for my family and will create a nice little nest egg for our future," said Saari, who was in a drive-thru when he got the good news through the BCLC Lotto app.

Lamb, on the other hand, was golfing when he first learned about the win, thinking "there goes my golf game."

Saari and Lamb first told their wives that they won the lottery and both women didn't believe them. In fact, Saari's wife thought it was all a big lie, she needed to see the ticket for herself to be sure.

"We're very happy," said Saari.

The BCLC says in 2022, players have redeemed $163 million from Lotto Max.

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