Family man lucky to be alive after vehicle crashes through his office

Family man lucky to be alive

A Kelowna man stepped out of his office at Royal LePage just moments before a vehicle came smashing through the window, obliterating his desk and everything inside.

“I didn’t think about the magnitude of the crash. But when I came in, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw," Amir Shahidi told Castanet.

After surviving the traumatic event, the father of three says he feels like he won the lottery.

“Extremely lucky because I dropped [my kids] off at school in the morning (Wednesday) and I said I loved them, but you never know if it’s going to be your last," he expressed.

"It’s not necessarily that you’re doing anything risky, it’s not driving the Coquihalla in the winter, it’s just sitting at your desk.”

Shaken up by the incident, Shahidi understands how traumatic the event was, not only for himself, but for the driver of the vehicle as well.

“It was an accident and she was really traumatized by it as well, so I feel really bad for her… I know it was an accident, accidents happen. I feel bad for her to be in that position, so I hope she’s OK.”

According to Shahidi, preventive measures are long overdue.

“This is the second time this has happened, so it would be sad that—I don’t think last time anyone was seriously injured—but it shouldn’t take a serious injury or [loss of] life for a preventative measure to be taken.”

Shahidi tells Castanet he plans to follow up with the City of Kelowna to see if a barrier can be put in place to prevent a future accident from happening.

Stutters Restoration has been tasked with repairing the building, something they say could take six to eight weeks due to the current global supply chain issues.

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