Better Together Day fundraising for JoeAnna's House on Thursday

Better Together on Thursday

The KGH Foundation is hosting their third annual Better Together Day on Thursday to raise money for JoeAnna’s House, a facility where out-of-town families stay while their loved ones are in the hospital.

“JoeAnna’s House is owned and operated by the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation and we are 100 per cent funded by our donors," explained JoeAnna's House director Darlene Haslock.

"Obviously, we do have a small revenue that comes from our $25 a night, but for the most part, we need to fundraise upwards of half a million dollars to operate JoeAnna’s House."

Opening the doors to their 20-room facility in November of 2019, JoeAnna’s House has already helped over 2,000 guests have a place to stay for close to 20,000 nights.

“The people that come here are so incredibly grateful and thankful that we are here. We hear it literally every single time somebody walks through the door, they are just so happy that we are here to support them. And once they’re ready to go home, we hear it over and over and over again," added Haslock.

Haslock says one-in-four KGH patients is from out of town, so they’re constantly in need of new donors. They’re hoping Better Together Day will help replenish that need.

"Our hope is just to engage the community, get folks out here... We’ve got coffee trucks and food trucks coming, lots of live entertainment. We just want people to come out and see us and hopefully donate when they’re here,"

If you want to make a donation to JoeAnna’s House on October 6, you can visit their parking lot, go to the Save on Foods at Orchard Plaza, where a drive-thru breakfast is being offered with a $5 donation.

Better Together Day runs from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., but donations are always welcome. More details here.

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