Lake Country woman sinks hole-in-one while celebrating 80th birthday

Hole-in-one for 80th

A Lake Country woman got quite the birthday present earlier this week.

Rachel Sehn was out for a birthday round of golf on Sunday with her daughter and granddaughter at Mission Creek Golf Course.

"I'm from Lake Country, but I took my daughter and my granddaughter. So there were three generations, we went for a day of golf."

Sehn says she was enjoying the day and it would have been a special enough way to celebrate her 80th birthday, but then on the sixth hole, her day got even better.

"The people that were waiting at the next tee box, saw my ball roll into the hole. They saw it and they whooped and hollered. I was celebrating my 80th birthday. So it was really special."

Sehn doesn't describe herself as a top-notch golfer but this is her third hole-in-one. She says she sunk the first one at the Black Mountain Golf Course and the second one she got while vacationing in Blythe California.

"It took me 30 years to get the first one."

Sehn says and she has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

"They (Mission Creek) are starting a ladies' night next year so I think I'll be signing up for that."

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