It's time to change your tires for winter

Winter tire season is here

Winter is coming.

October is officially here, meaning highway drivers will need to put on their winter tires before travelling the mountain passes.

“For winter driving it is important not only to have a winter tire, but also to make sure you have proper tread on those tires," explained Jacob Vanderaegen of Canadian Tire.

"Your tire is the only thing that comes in contact with the road, so it affects your braking, your acceleration, your handling. If you don’t have proper tires on, even if they are a winter tire and are just low on tread, you’re not going to be safe on the roads.”

Mud and snow tires can be an option for drivers strictly keeping to city roads, but the Integra Tire says they’re not reliable in colder temperatures.

“This time of year, what happens is the temperature drops, and it will shortly. Seven degrees celsius is the magic number," said Bruce Stranaghan, owner of Integra Tire.

"And as that temperature gets colder, then tires become a little bit harder – the all seasons and that – winter tires keep pliability so when it’s icy or there’s snow, that keeps them more pliable."

When switching out your tires for winter, it’s important to note how old the tires are, even if they’re brand new but have been sitting in storage for a few years.

“Most tires that you buy from a tire shop should be no more than six years old. And any tire that you’re putting on your vehicle, you usually don’t want it to be any older than 10 years old because as the tire gets older it hardens and it doesn’t work as well as a winter tire," added Vanderaegen.

If you’re looking to get your tires changed just in time for winter, now is a great time to book as many shops around town are already booked solid for a week in advance.

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