New master plan for Mission Recreation Park comes with hefty price tag

$60M for Mission Park plan

Upgrades to Kelowna's Mission Recreation Park over the next three years come with a price tag of more than $60 million.

Nearly two-third of that, ($39.2M) is earmarked for an expansion to the Capital News Centre, including two more ice sheets and a multi-use facility, according to a master plan for the complex council will review at its final Monday meeting before the Oct. 15 elections.

Construction is expected to take place in 2024-2025. Plans for the complex also including a new Mission Activity Centre to be built around the same time at a cost of nearly $15 million.

Other park improvements including softball diamonds ($4.5M) and a youth park, plaza and trail system ($3M) are also planned as part of the 10-year capital plan.

The report outlines a series of other planned upgrades including expansion of the transit exchange an the possibility of an expansion of the park to include what is now Michaelbrook Golf Course. However, the city indicates any expansion would be predicated on a successful acquisition of the privately-owned course by the city.

The plan also suggests parking, as it currently sits, is not adequate for current uses during peak times without future expansion.

"It is anticipated a parking demand management plan will be required to minimize the area needed for parking on the site at peak periods," the report states.

The plan also addresses washroom and change facilities which it says are also presently lacking.

"The master plan will continue to be a crucial component of guiding the park development, particularly in the upcoming building and park development phases.

"The next phases of development, including park programming and built spaces, will be an essential component to making Mission Recreation Park a unique local and regional destination and a celebrated public space."

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