'I have zero memory': Driver of truck who plowed through Kelowna homeless camp speaks

'I have zero memory'

The man who drove his pickup over a person sleeping in a tent at Kelowna's Rail Trail homeless encampment on Saturday night says he has no memory of the incident whatsoever.

"I have zero memory of anything before midnight," Tyler Manchur told Castanet in an interview.

Manchur is charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and one count of driving while prohibited in relation to the incident, which saw a homeless man dragged about 100 feet while inside his tent.

The victim survived but sustained serious injuries.

Since the incident there has been speculation the act was done on purpose and was meant to target the homeless population, something Manchur vehemently denies.

Manchur says he was out for two hours Saturday night and visited two locations: Social and the Liquid Zoo. He believed he was drugged at some point before the incident.

"I did blow over on the blow box, but not nearly enough to do the damage that was caused," said Manchur.

"I was downtown between Social and Liquid Zoo. And I don't remember anything after leaving the bar. I have zero memory of anything. So I'm convinced I was drugged. I was only out there for two hours."

Manchur tells Castanet those were the only two places he stopped at on Saturday night and he has no explanation as to why he was so impaired. He maintains he has no memory of the incident, which occurred at around midnight, or the events that led up to it.

"I wasn't to the point of extreme intoxication from alcohol. And anything that would be extreme alcohol situation should have happened between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., not before midnight. I am convinced I was drugged. This was not intentional by no means. I have no hatred against the homeless. And this has been blown way out of proportion," Manchur said.

Manchur says he has a lawyer and will plead his case before the courts but, for now, wants the community to know "I'm not a dangerous person."

"I have no assaults, I'm a father and a company owner. And it's completely out of character. I'm not a young kid, and I do know better. And that's why I struggle because there's no other explanation. That's what really happened."

Manchur says he lives in Kelowna but travels back and forth between B.C. and Alberta for business and family reasons.

Until he has his day in court and presents any evidence in an attempt to prove his case, Manchur says he doesn't have any answers, "it's turned into something... this is gruesome for me."

Manchur is due back in court on October 13 for a procedural appearance. He was granted bail at a hearing on Monday.

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