Neighbours come out to help after collision flips truck in Rutland

Collision flips truck

An early morning collision on McCurdy Road left one vehicle damaged and another on its side Wednesday morning.

Christopher Bocskei, who is currently running for Kelowna city council, tells Castanet he was awakened by a loud noise from the street outside his house on McCurdy Rd. just before 7 a.m. Wednesday.

"My wife and I were startled out of bed by a very loud crash steps away from our house, two trucks collided with one flipping over the other."

Bocskei says he trained as a first responder and he maintains his first-aid credentials so when he heard the crash he flew into action.

"I rushed out of the house... fortunately no one was seriously injured. What struck me was the amount of people that had come out to help. Neighbours were clearing the debris off the road and someone was sweeping the glass, it was a community effort. After I confirmed that no one was seriously injured, I stepped out to direct traffic," Bocskei says.

The collision appears to have been caused by a vehicle pulling out into traffic from a residence and colliding with another vehicle which ended up on its side.

Bocskei says emergency crews responded quickly and he didn't believe any of the injuries were serious.

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