Kelowna General Hospital deal with bed bug outbreak in staff room

Bed bugs removed at KGH

Kelowna General Hospital is used to dealing with medical outbreaks, but bed bugs are an entirely different matter.

Castanet received information that staff at KGH were dealing with a bed bug outbreak in a staff room in early September.

A media spokesperson for Interior Health confirmed the recent staff room outbreak.

"On Sept. 7 and pest control was immediately brought in and successfully completed extermination," IH said.

Bed bugs don't travel directly on people, rather they attach themselves to clothing, linens, or furniture and can even get into luggage. Because of this people can spread bed bugs to others, without even knowing it.

Bed bugs are generally not considered to be a health hazard, although there has been at least one documented case of anemia. However the itchy welts they leave pose a problem for patients.

The Interior Health spokesperson tells Castanet that they called pest control, "the concern was limited to the one area and there have been no further issues."

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