Austyn Godfrey's mom searching for answers in her daughter's death

A mother's plea for answers

It has been nine months since the body of Austyn Godfrey, 25, was found at the Glenmore Dog Park, and no arrests have yet been made.

Godfrey was found on the morning of Jan. 16, and shortly after, Kelowna RCMP confirmed her death was suspicious.

An autopsy has been completed, but the Kelowna RCMP has not released her cause of death.

Michelle Godfrey, Austyn's mother says life since her daughter's death has been unbearable.

"My morning drive to work consists of me crying the whole way while I’m alone listening to music that reminds me of my beautiful daughter Austyn Ann Marlene Godfrey born April 6, 1996, at 2:42 p.m. on Easter weekend at KGH," Godfrey said in an email.

"I’ll never forget that day I remember every moment. It breaks my heart every day and there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to have my baby girl back, every day I wish I could take her place no parent is meant to outlive their child."

"The police aren’t calling this a murder or homicide at the moment but that’s what it is, my daughter didn’t do this to herself and she definitely didn’t get out to that dog park by herself either and anyone that knows her knows that. We will find out the truth and whoever hurt and killed my daughter will be brought to justice I just wish it was sooner rather than later," Godfrey wrote.

Kelowna RCMP tells Castanet the investigation continues.

"It’s an on-going investigation at this time. I believe the family feels they are not fully updated which is unfortunate. They will be the first to receive any information as the case moves forward," said Const. Mike Della-Paolera said.

Michelle Godfrey says she won't stop until justice is served on her daughter's behalf.

"I truly hate this world for what has happened. I hate everything about this year so far and I pray we find out what happened to Austyn, I’ll never stop until we do. I know the police have their hands full with my daughter's case as well as others I just hope they're doing everything possible to bring the person or persons."

"The police are being very tight-lipped on everything and it’s very frustrating as a parent to not have any answers when it’s all you think about and so many different scenarios run through your head on what could of happened," the mother continued.

Following the discovery of Austyn's body, several friends shared a screenshot of a social media post Austyn had made shortly before her death. The screenshot included a photo of a man, an image of his car, a phone number and a Snapchat user name.

In the post, she said if she doesn't post to Snapchat in a week, her friends should call the Kelowna RCMP because the man “has probably done something to me.”

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