Mayoral candidate claims election sign damage getting worse but veteran councillor says it’s nothing new

Sign damage 'nothing new'

Same problem, different perspectives.

Kelowna mayoral candidate Tom Dyas sent out a news release Sunday about damage to election signs.

“I know we get these stories every election but on a personal note I've never seen so many signs damaged. This year appears to be far worse than the previous federal and provincial elections,” said Dyas.

City councillor Mohini Singh, who is running in her fourth election, says it’s nothing new.

“It happens every election. Signs are damaged, which is unfortunate because these signs are very expensive.

“I had new signs made for my campaign and it is quite expensive to get these signs.”

Singh couldn’t say how many of hers have been knocked over or defaced this year, but it doesn’t appear to be any worse than previous years.

Dyas notes that election signs are paid for using donations and put up by volunteers, who are dedicating time out of their busy schedules.

He also points out that vandalizing them is illegal.

“We continue to receive numerous reports of our signs being damaged, as well as the signs of numerous Council candidates.

"We have also received reports of a vehicle driving around Kelowna with three males inside who are stopping at election signs, putting a yellow intermittent flashing light on top of their vehicle, and then proceeding to damage signs and leaving them on the ground. Attempting to resemble our hardworking bylaw officials,” said Dyas.

Dyas is one of five candidates for mayor, including incumbent Colin Basran.

Singh is among a list of 32 people hoping to become one of the eight city councillors elected on October 15.

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