Angels verdict disappointing: Cops

The Okanagan top cop doesn't see it as a setback and says there will be a next time following the acquittal of a high profile member of the Hells Angels.

David Francis Giles, 58, a member of the notorious East End chapter who resides in Kelowna, has been acquitted on all charges. Giles and two Hells Angels associates were arrested in Kelowna in 2005 as part of a province wide crack down on the bikers. Giles, David Roger Revell, 43, and Richard Andrew Rempel, 24, were charged with dealing cocaine for the benefit of, or in association with a criminal organization.

Instead, Revell and Rempel were found guilty on the lesser charge of possession and trafficking in cocaine and will be sentenced at a later date.

A conviction on the criminal organization charges would have left the Hells Angels open to the forfeiture of the club's assets and harsher sentences in court.

Chief Superintendent of the South East District, Don Harrison, says he's happy to see that Revell and Rempel have been found guilty, but admits he's disappointed on the acquittal of the more serious charges.

"Sure it's disappointing. I think every policeman in the country knows what the Hells Angels are up to, and has their own personal feelings on what should happen to them, but without the evidence we're never going to put them where they belong."

He says that despite the setback, the RCMP will not change its approach with the Hells Angels.

"The Hells Angels know we have an intense interest in them and we'll continue to investigate them. It's just a matter of time until we gather sufficient evidence. They're human beings and human beings make mistakes no matter how careful they are and no matter how many people they utilize in their criminal dealings to do their dirty work."

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