Dogs now welcome at Unleashed Brewing in Kelowna

Brewery now dog friendly

The next time you go to Kelowna's Unleashed Brewing, your furry friend is invited.

The brewery announced Tuesday on Instagram they have officially been given the green light to welcome dogs inside their business.

The brewery has always shared a love for dogs and craft beer, but have been restricted in who they can include inside due to limitations from the Provincial Health Services Authority.

After months of petitioning and a proposal to health officials, it was two paws up for Unleashed Brewing.

"We actually did not even think it was going to happen. We thought it would be a way bigger fight and we would have to get lawyers involved and everything," said owner Mike Prytula. "But thanks to all the help we got from Cold Garden Brewery in Calgary, because they went through this all process ... they were able to help us with a proposal that was solid."

There are a few rules when it comes to welcoming four-legged friends inside.

"The main one is it is not a dog park. Try not to have your dogs playing in the same area and of course don't crowd the walkways with your pets."

Prytula says with the huge population of dog-lovers in Kelowna, a dog-friendly brewery is a no-brainer.

"To be able to take your dog to a safe place where they can learn manners and they can learn that it is OK not to freak out and you can just sit and chill when other dogs are doing the same thing. It is going to create a much better dog-friendly population within the city," he added.

Unleashed Brewing is located at 207 - 880 Clement Avenue.

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