Kelowna residents with high cholesterol invited to take part in medical study

Study participants sought

A Kelowna-based medical research company is seeking individuals living with high cholesterol to take part in a study.

The study will aim to determine the effectiveness of an investigational medication on dyslipidemia.

“When a person has more than a normal amount of fat in their blood it is called dyslipidemia. It is often an inherited condition. These fats can accumulate in a person's arteries and cause narrowing of the arteries thereby reducing the blood circulation to body parts such as our heart muscle, our kidneys, and toes, resulting in angina and heart attacks, kidney damage and cold feet or leg pain when exercising,” said Dr. Colleen Maytham, principal investigator for Okanagan Clinical Trials.

“About one out every five adults will develop dyslipidemia, so we all know someone with dyslipidemia or high cholesterol. Medications that can reduce these fats can help keep a person's circulation healthy. A lot of people 's cholesterol is still too high despite already taking cholesterol medication. That is why we need ongoing research.”

To be eligible to participate in the study, volunteers will be men and women who are 40 years of age or older with dyslipidemia. Approximately 175 participants will participate in the study.

“Okanagan Clinical Trials is excited to give access to a variety of new clinical research studies to people living in British Columbia, including this study on dyslipidemia”, said Dr. Kim Christie, president of Okanagan Clinical Trials.

Treatment will not affect provincial medical coverage and all study-related costs will be paid for by the sponsor. Participants are free to leave the study at any time.

To learn more about the study or to volunteer, please visit www.okanaganclinicaltrials.com or call Okanagan Clinical Trials at 250-862-8141.

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