The Sound of Music at Kelowna Community Theatre

Sound of Music in Kelowna

The Kelowna Actors Studio is gearing up for their live-action theatrical performance of the 1950s classic The Sound of Music – hosted for the first time in over two years by the Kelowna Community Theatre.

“We’re really excited to be presenting the Sound of Music here at the Kelowna Community Theatre. I’ve been blessed to direct it four times now, and I think this is the strongest cast we’ve ever had," smiled Randy Leslie, director at Kelowna Actors Studio.

Julia Laurenne Chambers – a local actress studying film in New York City – will play the lead role of Maria, a character who is witty, strong-minded and loves to sing.

“You know, she’s a firecracker, she’s flawed, she’s so human. And I think it’s very cool that she was written in the 1950s because she’s still such a heroine today, and I hope that little girls watching and women watching can see her, you know, holding true to her beliefs and values. I think we really need a story like that right now for women," she explained.

Leslie likes to stick true to the classics, but even in doing so he finds a way to tell this story his way.

“It’s got something for adults that I think they’ll be surprised [about] that's a little bit more dramatic than the film, but there’s a lot of heartwarming moments as well and it’s a great story. I think most people know the story, but they’ll be surprised at the show itself because there’s a lot of great dramatic acting as well as comedy," said Leslie.

The Sound of Music is playing at the Kelowna Community Theatre from August 4 until August 13 and tickets are available here.

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