Kelowna RCMP find guns, including AR15 style rifle, after responding to an impaired driving call

Impaired call turns up guns

The call was for a possible impaired driver, but the Kelowna RCMP found a lot more than just a motorist who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

They discovered firearms, drugs, stolen property and two suspects who were prohibited from possessing firearms.

On Sunday, July 31, frontline officers answered a call to a parkade in the 1900 block of Pandosy and found a red Mercedes-Benz with mismatched license plates.

When officers approached the vehicle, the two men inside attempted to flee but were arrested on the scene.

Both men had a mandatory firearms prohibition, and one was on judicial release for fentanyl possession and carrying a loaded stolen handgun. He had climbed into the trunk of the car to try to hide from the police.

Once officers got him out of the trunk, Mounties found multiple firearms within arms reach of the suspect.

The other man was also on probation with a condition not to possess any weapon.

Among the guns turned up in the search of the vehicle were an AR15-style rifle, a loaded pump-action shotgun, an SKS-style semi-automatic rifle, and a .30 calibre semi-automatic rifle.

Replica guns and drugs, including methamphetamine and GHB were also found, along with what appears to be stolen property.

One officer sustained minor injuries during the arrest and was treated in hospital and later released.

The Kelowna RCMP continues to investigate and has not announced any new charges the men might be facing.

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