Black bear swims creek near fish and chips shop, crosses Sutherland Avenue

Bear crosses Sutherland


Maybe it couldn’t resist the smell of the food at Shady Rest Fish & Chips?

A black bear swam across Mill Creek Friday afternoon, emerging on the bank along Sutherland Avenue, right next to the restaurant.

Brody Esovoloff spotted the bruin and took a video.

“I thought it was a dog swimming in the creek,” said Brody.

“I walked over to the creek and saw the head and I was like, oh there’s a dog in here. Wait, that’s not a dog.”

Brody says the bear came out of the water, walked up the riverbank and then crossed the street right at the corner of Sutherland Ave. and Lindahl St.

It carried on into the alley behind Chandler St. and went into one of the back yards.

Brody went to the house and knocked on the door to tell the homeowners about the bear but no one was home.

He hopes the bear is okay and that no one had a closer encounter than he did.

“I’ve never seen a bear down here before,” he adds.

There have been several bear sightings in Kelowna this spring and summer, some quite close to busy areas, including one spotted running across Kane Road right in front of the Glen Park Shopping Centre in late May. Another was reported in the Dilworth Mountain area around the same time.

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