Film commissioner says business in Okanagan is booming

Film industry booming

The Okanagan is becoming more and more popular as a movie and TV shooting location.

According to Okanagan film commissioner Jon Summerland the film industry in the Okanagan is now, “a film centre, not just a location."

Summerland says the film business in the Okanagan just keeps on expanding exponentially.

“This region is now a film centre. “No if ands or buts about it anymore, we are not just a film location, we are a film centre, a place to make films.

“We are not just scouting for films to come here, they are starting here. The concepts are being created here. We have writers, editors, permanent production and head offices here. The infrastructure is established and growing,” says Summerland.

In the first five months of 2022, sixteen films have been shot in our region, and bigger budget films and television projects are already slated for the second half of this year.

The forecast for 2023 is looking positive as well, “there are two television series already in development. We can now bring full series to be shot here with bigger budgets due to infrastructures now in place,” Summerland says.

More and more crews are calling the Okanagan home and there are now two full-time circus and work truck teams established with Whiskey Jack Transportation and Technologies, which means two series or two big productions can be shot at the same time.

Summerland says, another significant factor in the establishment of this region as a film centre, is that production offices are now part of this infrastructure.

“There are multiple local production offices here and recent expansions include: Enderby Entertainment now has a full-time head office here; Champlain Media has set up an office in downtown Kelowna as has Sol Vision/Kabinet Production Inc.”

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