Environment Canada forecasts more rain over the next 72 hours

Rain, wind on the way

Madison Erhardt

Environment Canada says more rain is in the forecast over the next few days, bringing with it gusting wind.

"So far, the [Okanagan] Valley itself has been spared," explained meteorologist Matt Loney.

He said most of the rain has been falling at higher terrain, but between five and 15 millimetres of rain should fall in Kelowna through the rest of Thursday with a chance of thunderstorms.

Wind will blow in from the north at 20 km/h, gusting to 50.

"As the system pulls out we are expecting a little bit of gusty winds. With lake levels being a little bit higher than normal, we could see a little bit of higher water levels," Loney said, particularly at the south end of the lake.

Loney says Friday is a similar story.

"Beyond tonight, we are expecting five to 15 millimetres over the next 72 hours."

Environment Canada says rain is also in the forecast for Sunday.

"We do have a weak system moving in so right now it is just a chance of showers. As things get closer we are going to monitor that."

On Tuesday, the City of Kelowna declared a local state of emergency due to threats to property resulting from isolated flooding along Mission Creek, Scotty Creek and the upper portions of Mill Creek.

City crews say they continue to inspect bridges, looking for debris and monitoring water levels.

The Emergency Operations Centre is asking the public to leave debris washing up on shore from the Mission Creek flood in place until water levels recede as it helps to protect from further shore erosion.

Boaters are also asked to make no wake near the shoreline.

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