Kelowna resident captures erosion along Mission Creek

Erosion at Mission Creek

Madison Erhardt

A walking path along Mission Creek has begun to erode due to the high water flows eroding the bank.

Kelowna resident Alicia says she was walking along the creek just after 12:30 p.m. when she noticed a dip by the gravel next to the water.

"It was right around the corner from Rutland Waterworks. There were two RCMP officers there as well. I really caution people not to walk on the trail as its eroding," she said.

City of Kelowna crews are monitoring the creek, inspecting bridges and looking for debris in the areas and are monitoring the water levels and the weather.

KLO Creek Regional Park is closed due to high water levels in the creek and previously announced closures of underpasses and a section along the Mission Creek Greenway will continue until water levels recede and damage can be assessed and repairs completed.

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