A thief broke into a Kelowna brew pub overnight

Break-in at Welton Arms

A rock-wielding thief managed to get away with a small amount of cash after breaking into the Welton Arms Craft Beer and Restaurant on Clement Avenue overnight.

Pub owner Simon Welton says what appeared on surveillance video to be a lone thief used a rock to smash the glass to the back door of the premises at about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning.

"It wasn't someone familiar with the place because he looked around for a little bit before he eventually found the cash box," said Welton.

"He also took a bunch of tablets for our take-out orders which are pretty useless."

Welton says it was odd the thief didn't grab any of the alcohol, but figured he didn't hang around too long because the alarm was going off.

This isn't the first such incident in the area. Welton says he has been told of other break-ins in the area recently. The Welton Arms just celebrated its first year in business.

The suspect remains at large.

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