Only one Kelowna city councillor has committed to running for re-election so far

Council coy on election

While other cities like Kamloops find themselves in full blown election mode, in Kelowna, at least publicly, crickets.

With voters set to head to the polls in a little more than four months to elect a new city council, only one sitting councillor has stated an intention to seek re-election while two others say they are leaning that way.

The rest, including Mayor Colin Basran, have either not yet decided or are not prepared to go public as of yet.

Responding to questions concerning their intentions, only Coun. Mohini Singh said she will definitely let her name stand when voters hit the polls Oct. 15.

"There's still some unfinished business left. I still have work to do," said Singh in response.

Coun. Gail Given says she's leaning toward running but won't make a firm decision until she returns from a European vacation in mid August while Coun. Luke Stack also plans to seek a fifth term but won't make a formal announcement until the summer.

Basran, who announced his intentions to seek re-election in late May four years ago, says he is not ready to make that announcement just yet.

"A week or so is not necessarily dragging my feet. I just want to take the necessary time to make sure I come to a decision that I am confident in," Basran said.

"Certainly once I am ready to make that announcement I will do so."

And, while he seemed to indicate an announcement could be forthcoming soon, he didn't want to be held to a time frame one way or another.

The remaining five say they have either not yet made a decision or are not prepared to make a firm announcement.

  • Maxine DeHart will make an announcement at the end of August or into September
  • Ryan Donn has not made a decision
  • Loyal Wooldridge is not ready to make an announcement
  • Brad Sieben has yet to make a decision. Will decide at the end of summer or at the last minute as he did in 2018
  • Charlie Hodge will likely not decide until closer to the deadline to see how he feels both physically and mentally.

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