Kelowna resident regularly attacked by bird during walk home

Student attacked by bird

Madison Erhardt

A UBC Okanagan student says he has been attacked, three days in a row, while walking home from class.

The attacker is a black bird.

Wesley Turcot says while walking along Myron Road in Rutland the same black bird repeatedly swoops down at him and pecks at his head.

"It is definitely a first for me. The bird just follows me on that entire road. The first day was actually two of them. I'm not a bird expert, but it seems like its mate was right beside him on the ground. It definitely shocked me the first time it happened. It sounded like the biggest bee in my life just flew by my head. It shocked me pretty darn good."

While recording the video, Turcot says a woman mentioned her dogs and kids have also been attacked by the black bird while walking by.

Turcot says he did spot a nest in a tree nearby.

He says he will continue walking his same route home.

"It is more humorous to me than discomforting I guess."

Bird expert Douglas Graham is advising residents to avoid the area.

"It has got a nest nearby and all birds are very protective of their nests. Even more so when there are young in the nest. They will attack people if they are near the nest. The best thing to do is to avoid the area where the nest is. You can be sure there is a nest within 20 or 30 meters of where he is being attacked, stay out of that area for another three to four weeks," he said.

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