Kelowna elementary school gives young entrepreneurs real-world experience

Starting entrepreneurs young

Some grade 5 and 6 students at Kelowna's Bankhead Elementary received valuable real-world experience this spring.

The students learned how to turn a profit and give back to the community after a business course taught them the basics of coming up with and marketing a product.

The students took six weeks to set their business goals, plan, design, and market a product. Students also learned about expenses and profits and about donating to charities.

"We're very proud of the students for their enthusiasm and learning on this project," said Peter Gallo, principal at Bankhead Elementary. "They really took their learning beyond numeracy and communication and were empowered to see the difference they can make in their own community."

The student's learning came to a conclusion with a business fair in the school gym, where parents and fellow students could purchase the student-created products.

After the fair was finished, the students raised $440 which they chose to donate to the Kelowna SPCA.

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