Local MP Albas highlights Okanagan Forest Task Force in Parliament

Forest keeper gets shoutout

The Okanagan Forest Task Force and its founder Kane Blake was recognized Tuesday in the House of Commons by local MP Dan Albas.

Albas took a few minutes to share the efforts OFTF have gone to to keep the region's backcountry clean.

"Many parts of my riding across beautiful British Columbia we are blessed with truly pristine forests. Sadly, many of our forests are increasingly being violated by illegal dumping and other unauthorized uses of crown land. The garbage and filth left behind is simply alarming."

"Today I would like to recognize a man named Kane Blake who decided to do something about it. Mr. Blake founded the Okanagan Forest Task Force. He gathered like-minded volunteers and sponsors to work together to remove this illegal garbage and scrap metal to restore out forests," he said.

Albas went on to say that the Okanagan Forest Task Force has removed 200,000 pounds of garbage and 230,000 pounds of metal waste from the bush.

"Combined that is over 430,000 pounds of garbage from out Okanagan forests. Mr. Speaker I would ask this chamber to please join me to thank Kane Blake and I thank the many volunteers and sponsors for all the work they do on behalf of our forests."

Blake says he was stunned when he heard the shoutout.

"I didn't even know it was happening. I was surprised. Nobody ever really expects that. There are a lot of things going on right now and I didn't think we would be mentioned at all. It feels great that the group is being recognized for all the hard work everybody is doing," Blake said.

Blake says the mention in the House of Commons will continue to help raise awareness about illegal dumping.

"The more that we are out there it helps in all aspects," he said.

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