Volunteers transform dump site on Big White Road

OFTF transforms dump site

Volunteers with the Okanagan Forest Task Force spent all day Wednesday cleaning up an illegal dumpsite along Big White Road.

Group founder Kane Blake says piles of garbage had been at the campsite since last summer, but the group couldn't get to it before the snow fell.

"I originally planned to have me and two other people attend and it turns out between eight and ten people showed up. We got vehicles hauled out and all the garbage and everything. All that is left is is a couple trailers that we've got to go back for," Blake said.

Blake says there is also a few items frozen to the ground that he will go back for in a few days.

"We have a bunch of locals now in our group that will keep us in the loop so we don't have to go regularly, but we will be out in the area quite a bit during the summer."

Blake says a total of 2,200 pounds of garbage was collected.

"With the vehicles and the scrap metal, we are looking at another 16,000 pounds."

Those who are caught illegally dumping garbage can be fined.

To report illegal dumping visit, https://okanaganforesttaskforce.com

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