Central Okanagan Regional District testing bear-resistant garbage cans

Testing bear-resistant cans

The Central Okanagan Regional District is testing bear-resistant garbage cans in some neighbourhoods this spring.

Conservation officers report bears are active in many neighbourhoods across the region, at times accessing garbage as a source of food.

Residents are advised to store your waste carts indoors, not put them out until the morning of garbage day and remove other attractants like pet food and bird feeders.

Waste reduction facilitator Rae Stewart says bears and other wildlife have a very keen sense of smell and that garbage can attract these types of animals.

“The idea is to not attract them to your garbage unnecessarily. If they find your waste, they can make a real mess and also become food conditioned. They can pose a risk to you, your family, your pets, neighbours and themselves. It’s totally preventable,” said Stewart.

The regional district has a limited supply of certified bear-resistant carts available for purchase for $75. These are designed for curbside customers living in high bear interface areas only.

“We are going to continue to watch how these carts perform and continue to verify that the carts will be successful with residents and curbside collectors before transitioning to a full scale across the region service recommendation for our Board to consider,” added Stewart.

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