Okanagan Forest Task Force tackles large dump of garbage near Big White Road

Garbage everywhere

A campsite along Big White Road that has sat full of garbage for the last year will be cleaned up Wednesday by the Okanagan Forest Task Force.

OFTF founder Kane Blake says he is on his way up to the site along with ten other people.

"It is halfway up to Big White. It is just past the observatory. I was told about it last year, but we couldn't get to it because snow started to fly too fast. We have got a dump trailer, a car trailer, and a few trucks," he said.

Blake says it is crucial the garbage doesn't sit for any longer.

"It has to be done. We've got a major river right there and the garbage is slowly working its way to the river."

"We expect to have the brunt of it cleaned up today," he added.

The Okanagan Forest Task Force was formed in August, 2016 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who were concerned over the growing epidemic of illegal dumping in our forests, recreational areas and along natural waterways.

To report an illegal dumping vist https://okanaganforesttaskforce.com.

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