The Amazing Race Canada touches down in Kelowna

Amazing Race in Kelowna

It’s not every day you see camera crews running all over the Kelowna airport, but when Meghan Grant was standing at the check-in counter she couldn’t help but realize the reality TV series, The Amazing Race Canada, had sprinted right past her.

“I saw a bunch of people running out and some camera crews, so I ran out with my cell phone wondering what was going on. Then I figured out it was The Amazing Race because they had opened up the envelopes by their cars,” explained Grant.

Grant says she’s a big fan of the show and just happened to be in the right place at the right time when they came racing through the parking lot of the airport. It was different experiencing it in person, rather than on TV.

“It was pretty cool, I mean I’ve seen the show quite a bit, so it was really interesting to see it first-hand,” Grant said.

“I think it’s really exciting that they are coming to Kelowna and really showcasing our city for what it is and what we have to offer."

Back in 2013, during the first season of The Amazing Race Canada, Kelowna served as the race’s second city.

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