Kim Coates, Sons of Anarchy star, to appear at Kelowna open house

Career actor sharing wisdom

Sons of Anarchy and Bad Blood actor Kim Coates taking part in an open house event welcoming new or aspiring actors in Kelowna.

The event is being hosted by Born to Act Studios. Owner Carly Fawcett, who has over 25 years of experience acting in big film cities like New York, Toronto and Vancouver, wants to shine a new light on Kelowna as the next up and coming destination for actors.

“If you’re an actor right now, you don’t have to live right in Vancouver or Los Angeles. There’s a film industry here now that is growing ... there is a demand for actors here, but there isn’t necessarily the educational opportunities that are needed and required to learn how to transition from community theatre to film and television,” said Fawcett.

With film and television having grown far beyond Hollywood in recent years, Fawcett believes Kelowna’s local film industry is growing too and that now is the perfect time to catapult the industry to new heights.

“This is something that I love, that is dear to me and that I’ve studied for years [...] I’ve sat in acting classes and studios and worked on sets and stages everywhere, so why not introduce what I’ve learned to Kelowna… Now is the time,” said Fawcett.

Fawcett says Born to Act Studios’ goal is to empower and train local actors to show them that a career in film, television and theatre is possible, and to show local actors that Kelowna can be the place to kickstart your career.

The open house will take place at BNA Brewing on May 15 and will feature a Q&A with Coates on how to withstand an acting career long-term. Tickets are $22.

Coates has over 40 years of acting experience and Fawcett says he’s very excited to share his knowledge with the Kelowna community.

Two scholarships to Born to Act Studios will also be given out.

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