Animal Food Bank raises over $23,000 for pets in Ukraine

$23K for pets in Ukraine

Victoria Femia

In just under a month, the Animal Food Bank has raised over $23,000 for animal rescues in Ukraine that need help during the Russian invasion.

Animal Food Bank founder Nicole Frey says the organization is currently working with two specific rescues in Ukraine supporting refugees that come into Poland with pets, as well as shelters in the country assisting pets.

“Tom from Breaking the Chains and then Aaron from Planting Peace. Tom and his crew are on the ground, in Ukraine, in the Red Zone. I’ve learned many things about war which I wish I never had too and see his updates, there’s bullet holes and charred cars and bombed buildings,” said Frey.

Frey says Tom and his crew are in Ukraine supporting animals that have been left behind and in shelters.

Aaron of Planting Peace is helping place pets into short term housing as well as providing food, supplies and vet care.

“He’s working really closely with refugees that are coming into Poland from Ukraine and he has a great approach, because he comes at it from a human-aid perspective,” says Frey.

The Animal Food Bank has so far donated funds to five different rescues in Ukraine.

“It’s universal, the amount of people that love other peoples pets, the amount of support that pets provide emotionally to their owners, the amount of attachment they have that people don’t want to leave without their pets,” said Frey.

“The important thing for people to know is that the work here will continue, the need will continue far after the media stops covering the war…and so there is support needed for all of these humans and their pets, long after the crisis interventions.”

Frey said donations have come from all over the world, including Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden.

She added that the tragic events in Ukraine are yet another prime example of the importance of considering pets in times of natural disasters, evacuation orders and war.

“The owners want to make sure their pets can come with them and that they’re safe,” said Frey,

Information on how to make a donation to support pets in Ukraine can be found on the Animal Food Banks website.

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