Six-storey structure proposed for Kelowna's Pandosy Street

Pandosy project proposed

Worman Homes has submitted plans for a six-storey, mixed-use building in Kelowna’s Pandosy Village that would be comprised of mostly commercial space.

The project would be located on the northeast corner of Pandosy Street and Osprey Avenue, which is the current location of Kraze Beauty Lounge and across the street from the Southgate Centre strip mall.

The building would consist of retail space on the ground floor, parking on the second and three floors of office space above that. The top floor would be home to one residential unit and an additional office unit. Parking for the retail units would be available behind the building.

“The application maintains our design philosophy of creative solutions for density on smaller lots, and we believe it will be an asset to this area,” Shane Worman wrote in his company’s application.

Worman Homes is asking the City of Kelowna for a development permit as well as variances for height and site coverage. The proposed height falls between the four storeys that are allowed under the current zoning bylaw and the eight that are proposed for the new official community plan.

The company is asking for 81% site coverage instead of the allowed 75%.

“To soften the impact of the height we have stepped the building back at the second floor to create a more human scale from grade as well as wrapping most of the building in canopies at the one-storey, above-grade height,” Worman wrote.

The application is now being circulated at city hall.

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