Family in need of support after crash sidelines parents of four from work

Parents injured after crash

A Kelowna family is hoping for community support after a car crash involving a semi-truck left parents of four young children injured and unable to work.

Jemima Murray says her family was driving back to Kelowna from Kamloops after the holidays and came across some rough driving conditions.

Murray says her husband Tally was driving.

"We were coming over the Connector near the Pennask brake area when we slipped on a patch of black ice that sent us into the brake check lane where we hit a snowbank. We spun around and ended up hitting the back of a parked semi-truck," Murray said.

Murray says her four kids were uninjured, but her husband was left unconscious.

"Upon impact, he blacked out. He hit his head open in two places. I didn't think I was hurt at first so I just took over trying to keep him together and keep his bleeding down."

Murray says truck drivers nearby helped out.

"They loaded us into another truck and that is when I noticed I was in pain. I later found out I had broken a bone in my pelvis."

Tally Murray has staples in his head along with several broken ribs.

Jemima Murray's dad started a GoFundMe to help cover medical costs and time away from work.

"Right now my husband is off work for at least three months and we don't know what my recovery plan is at this point."

Due to the couple's work situation, they have no benefits to help cover any medical expenses.

"The bills are adding up quickly and they have no reliable income to count on for the foreseeable future," the GoFundMe said.

The fundraiser has a goal of $15,000. To date, most $4,000 has been raised.

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