Waterspouts dance on Okanagan Lake as temperatures plummet

Waterspouts dance on lake

The bone-chilling temperatures in the Okanagan are resulting in interesting cloud formations over the lake.

Kevin Blakely captured a photo from his home in Lake Country of a waterspout dancing on Okanagan Lake Monday morning. Jordan Hagloff took his own photo from West Kelowna on Boxing Day of a similar phenomenon.

Waterspouts on Okanagan Lake are not unusual when temperatures plummet.

“They're pretty common in the Okanagan, particularly when we have a really unsettled airmass over us,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist in a previous interview.

“They tend to happen only over the lake when it's really cold and the lake is still quite warm.”

While the impressive spout may look like a tornado, the strong updraft doesn't actually pull much water from the lake.

“It's more like condensation due to pressure drop,” Lundquist said. “It's mostly just a strong updraft of really warm air in a cold airmass. They usually extend from the cloud downward like that to the water.”

The temperatures in Kelowna is currently at -25 C. Okanagan Lake's water temperatures is 4.2 C.

with files from Nich Johansen

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