Semi-truck runs red light, narrowly misses dump truck on Hwy 97

Close call on Hwy 97

Rob Gibson

A close-call on Highway 97 in Kelowna was caught on video last week.

Dash-cam video shows a semi-trailer turning onto Highway 97 off of Edwards Road, against a red light, early Friday morning.

"I was stopped at the intersection when this 18 wheeler almost took out a dump truck. I was like 'oh my God' that just happened in front of me," said Diana Godfrey.

The video shows the tractor trailer proceeding through the red light, narrowly avoiding a dump truck.

"I looked at the driver and he was an older guy and he looked like he had the expression like he just didn't care, like he was having a bad day," Godfrey says.

Despite the close call, the semi-truck kept going and somehow managed to avoid hitting more than the median.

"He should go out and buy a lottery ticket. Some people are just out to lunch and they just want to get where they're going no matter who is in the way," Godfrey said.

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