Kelowna students thank truckers, explore inside of rig

Students thank truckers

Madison Erhardt

"This is so cool."

A grade 2/3 class in Kelowna was jumping for joy Monday morning after a special visit from the B.C. Trucking Association.

A few weeks back Willowstone Academy students were learning about the flooding and landslides in B.C. and the impact they have had on truck drivers.

"We talked about how essential these truck drivers are, and the kids asked if they could write thank you cards to the drivers," said teacher Darien Tattersall.

"My card said thank you for bringing the food, water and supplies we need. You are doing a very kind act," a student said.

"I said thank you so much for bringing us all these things that you gave us. All of the supplies and food that we need and risking your lives for us. And Merry Christmas," another student said.

The cards were sent to the B.C. Trucking Association and the letters were read out at their association's Christmas party.

Truck driver Ken Roberts says the letters mean a lot.

"Our main boss is a member of the association and he thought it would be a good gesture to find a shiny truck and take it to the school and show the kids and share our appreciation," he said.

The truck arrived at the school just before noon on Monday and every student from the class had the opportunity to explore inside. The association also brought trucker hats and frisbees as a thank you.

B.C. Trucking Association will continue to share photos of the cards throughout December on their social media.

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