New Kelowna Costco gas bar opens

Costco gas bar opens

The much anticipated opening of Costco's new Kelowna gas bar has arrived.

The 24-pump gas station on Baron Road opened Friday morning.

Costco Kelowna general manager Omara Escobar sent out a brief video on the company's Facebook page earlier this week saying the gas bar would open sometime this month, but no firm date was given.

Corporate communications officials suggested the gas bar wouldn't open until later in the month, however, the open for business sign went up earlier this morning.

The price at the pumps, 134.9 for regular, 11 cents cheaper than other stations around the Central Okanagan.

The premium price is 144.9. The station is not selling diesel.

The opening has already caused some complaints about traffic in the area.

Construction on the nearby warehouse is continuing. It's not expected to open until February or March of next year.

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