$11K set of earrings up for auction in support of Kelowna Women's Shelter

Place a bid, support women

The Castanet and Premier Jewellery and Loans sixth-annual Diamond Earrings Fundraiser in support of the Kelowna Women's Shelter features a flashy set of earrings this year.

Premier Jewellery and Loans manager Martin Strasser described this year's halo design earrings with butterfly backs.

“The centre stones are 1.15 carat total between the pair, VS2, and that is a crazy quality of diamond typically found in luxury engagement rings, not so much earrings. There's a lot of visual pop, they're amazing,” he said.

They’re appraised at $10,700, and bidding starts at $500. Strasser said this auction not only helps someone take home a wonderful Christmas gift, but it helps women and children in need.

“This fundraiser features a double set of benefits. Whoever receives the earrings or buys them will be getting an awesome piece of jewellery, but they’re supporting a really important charity. It's a win-win opportunity as 100 per cent of the proceeds help the shelter,” said Strasser.

The holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and joy, but they don’t always come easy for everyone. Strasser said this fundraising campaign came about when it brought to his attention how difficult the holiday season can be for some.

“In conversation with somebody once, it was mentioned that not everybody is having a great holiday. The holidays put a lot of pressure on people, and we thought we needed to find a way to help people out, and it just aligned with the women’s shelter. It makes us happy as a business to support local people, and the women’s shelter is such a worthy cause,” explained Strasser.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter development coordinator Graham Kerr, who recently started in the position, said in his two months of living in Kelowna he's seen a huge amount of generosity for the shelter from the community.

“You really do have a strong sense of community here. We have people calling us everyday wanting to support and do anything they can to help out at the shelter, whether it is donations or volunteering. It's very refreshing to see how eager people here are to help,” said Kerr.

Kerr said the Diamond Earrings Fundraiser is a major boost to the shelter and allows them to continue to follow their mission.

"Over the past year we’ve had some struggles adapting to the COVID climate, so having the additional funds to tackle these challenges provided by Martin is wonderful,” said Kerr.

Those interested in placing a bid can view the earrings in-person at Premier Jewellery and Loans located at 1980 Bredin Road from Monday, Dec. 13 until Monday, Dec. 20. To place a bid, click here.

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