Famous Korean rescue dog missing in Kelowna

Famous rescue dog missing

A famous Korean rescue dog that made its way to Kelowna three weeks ago is now missing.

Milla was rescued from a desert island in Korea back in June. Her rescue was recorded by Korean TV network SBS TV and has over 1 million views.

Milla's owner Brian says she flew to Kelowna back at the beginning of November to start her new life with her forever family.

"She flew to Vancouver on the 12th of November and then she was here for two weeks and she escaped on the 28th of November. She was walking with my partner on a leash and she pulled unexpectedly and the leash came out of her hand and she escaped."

Milla was in an Orchard behind the YMCA in Rutland when she vanished.

Her last known sightings are between Highway 97 and Rutland Road North, and near the Porsche dealership and the vacant fields nearby.

Milla is described as knee height, 30 pounds and a Jindo mix with white with some light brown patches.

If you spot her you are asked to not call or chase her. Observe her direction of travel and call 250-878-0822.

"We put out some trail cameras last night and may have got a potential sighting. The video quality isn't that great though so it could have been a coyote or something."

"We are concerned about her being out in the cold," Brian added.

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