Rutland Winter Light Up returned in a big way

Holiday spirit in Rutland

Madison Erhardt

Despite a little bit of rain on Sunday, the Rutland Winter Light-up saw over 1,000 people take in the festivities.

The event took place at Rutland Centennial Park from noon until 4:30 p.m.

Due to COVID-19, the light-up had been sidelined since 2019.

"We [had] a number of vendors, visits with Santa. It is the largest turnout this event has ever had," said Christina Ferreira, owner of Impact Events and Brand Management.

One of this year's new additions was a Christmas tree that was lit Sunday at 4:30 p.m. the tree will be lit through the holiday season.

The Kelowna Chiefs were also on hand playing hockey along with Big White’s Loose Moose.

Ferreira says she anticipates the light-up will be around for years to come.

"We will make it bigger and better. I think it is going to grow. After a pandemic you don't know what to expect so we really are excited. In this new model, people seem to really enjoy it," she added.

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