Eldorado Resort helps Harbour Air fly in food, medical supplies

Harbour Air to the rescue

The Eldorado Resort's relationship with Harbour Air paid big dividends after travel to the coast was knocked out by devastating wind and rainfall.

Mark Jeanes, the Eldorado's general manager tells Castanet a business he prefers not to name reached out to Harbour Air to see if they could fly food and medical supplies into Kelowna.

"They were more than happy to step up and they called us and said they had two flights coming in, are you able to help us with that, absolutely," said Jeanes, calling the company "excellent community partners."

The first flight was carrying food supplies while the second flight was carrying food and medical supplies.

"On the second flight back to Vancouver, some people who were stranded in Kelowna actually flew back on the plane to Vancouver," Jeanes says.

Harbour Air offered flights between Vancouver and Kelowna during the summer, so they already had a dock and system in place for moving people and goods back and forth between Kelowna and the coast.

Jeanes says if he gets another call to help he'll do it in a heartbeat, "it's great having a partnership with them and being able to help out in our own small way, trying to do something for the greater good."

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