Kelowna producer Adam Scorgie will work on a new documentary on the life of actor Dolph Lundgren

Local ties to Dolph doc

A new documentary chronicling the life of Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren will have an Okanagan flavour.

Kelowna film producer Adam Scorgie and his company Score G Productions will help produce the documentary which is now in production.

The documentary will be written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Holmes, who also worked on Bisping, Ice Guardians and the Grant Fuhr Story with Scorgie.

While Lundgren is known for roles as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and Gunner Jensen in the Expendables franchise, few people know he holds a Master's degree in chemical engineering, or that he left his scholarship at MIT to pursue a career in the arts.

He's also an author, director and producer, and recently opened up about his traumatic childhood, and how therapy has helped him to heal and forgive.

In a news release Lundgren, who will also produce the documentary says the time is right to tell his life story.

"There have been some tough times that I've been through, and I've had to pay a price to get where I am now. This film isn’t a celebration of my known successes, rather an examination of a man’s journey to truly find himself and the happiness he desires," said Lundgren.

"I want audiences to really get to know me, and maybe my story will help someone understand what they too might have to endure to get to that certain place in their life. Our message is that the journey can be tough, but if you keep going, everyone has a chance to eventually get to their destination."

Holmes says he believes audiences will devour Lundgren's story, pointing to his ability to "connect and resonate with every person who watches it."

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